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Get Started 

Every work and team situation is unique. You may have a small intact team or a large, complicated project team with members from multiple departments. Either way, we'll start with an initial consultation to discuss issues and your goals.

Steps to working with me 

  1. Schedule a call or meeting

  2. Allow me to assess your business and create a plan.

  3. We'll have a live team session!

  4. The team will create a post-session action plan

  5. I will follow up to check on the team's progress.


My Promise to You 


Working on team development can be scary and uncertain! I want you to feel comfortable working with me and knowing that I will respect and honor your team members. Here is my promise to you:

  • Confidentiality: What's said in the room stays in the room!

  • Your goals are the most important thing; what do you want to accomplish?

  • I believe that all teams can improve and grow.

  • Each team member will be listened to and respected.

  • We will not sing or hold hands or do trust falls! We will only do exercises and team development activities that encourage real growth and will not embarrass anyone.

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